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Q: My humidifier is pouring water all over the furnace and floor what do I do?

There is a water valve going to your humidifier turn it off. There is a drain coming from your humidifier check to make sure the drain is not plugged. If you have a problem turning off the water or determining the drain is plugged please call Knight Heating for service.

Q: The furnace is on but it smells like burnt rubber

Turn off the furnace immediately if smell is coming from furnace please call for service technician as soon as possible could possibly be an electrical short or a motor burning out. DO NOT attempt to fix yourself.

Q: My furnace is running but I do not feel any heat?

Be sure thermostat is calling for heat, if so, on newer furnaces check for an led light and also refer to your owners manual to see if the furnace is functioning correctly. If is not functioning correctly please call for a service as soon as possible.
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