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Q: How does the permitting work?

At Knight Heating we provide all required permits and pay for them upon purchase of your air conditioning unit. After our job is completed it is up to you to setup an inspection appointment. We can provide all the contact information and you permit numbers to make it smooth as possible.

Q: What can I do about the noise level of my air conditioner?

Air Conditioner location is key. When installing we worry about echo and rebounding to ensure placement away from boxed in areas. For an extra cost we can also apply a noise suppression blanket for the compressor and the fan blades can be upgraded as well.

Q: My humidifier is pouring water all over the furnace and floor what do I do?

There is a water valve going to your humidifier turn it off. There is a drain coming from your humidifier check to make sure the drain is not plugged. If you have a problem turning off the water or determining the drain is plugged please call Knight Heating for service.
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